Rebar products

Prefabricated concrete products have a certificate of conformity for production quality control issued by the Technical University of Tallinn and are CE-marked.

Reinforced steel products

We provide a fast and comfortable service that saves time and workforce in reinforcing concrete products. We offer automated steel cutting and bending service.

Construction work

We have long experience in manufacturing reinforced concrete structures and general construction management since 2007.


Sartec OÜ manufactures reinforced concrete elements for Estonian and Scandinavian markets and has certificates of conformity for production quality control issued by the Tallinn Technical University. We have a modern 2500 sqm production facility equipped with 10-ton hoists on a 17 ha territory near Tartu. In 2016, our products were used for the construction of various residential and production buildings: expansion of Valio Eesti production plant, additional school buildings in Raatuse and Jüri, extension of the Raitwood production plant, concrete slabs for the Toftan sawmill, standard type foundations of high voltage substations in Sindi, Mustla, Saare, Tartu.

We have been involved in major general construction projects in the last 12 years and we also have a nationwide license. We mainly manufacture monolithic reinforced concrete structures and perform also other general building work. We advise private clients and companies in both building quality and materials used. Manufacturing of reinforcement products and bonded frames is automated, ensuring fast and comfortable delivery and enabling the customer to save time and labor in concrete work.

Esko-Timo Tullus


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Mait Vahesaar

Production Manager

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Aleksander Buzin

Acting Construction Manager

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Ivo Kirsiaed

Quality Manager

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Inga Peterson

Office Manager/Accountant

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